Student Photo Identification

Upon student request, Moraine Park Technical College issues student identification cards containing their photo. These cards are used for campus related student activities. Additionally, students may use college IDs for discounts among community retailers. In accordance with Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 55.02(6m)(f) in the state of Wisconsin, a Moraine Park student ID card when presented with proof of enrollment will suffice for voter identification.

Students must be currently enrolled in a Moraine Park course and provide verification of identity at the Student Services Office on any campus. Student Services employees will verify enrollment through the student records system at the time of request.
Identification documents presented must be issued by an appropriate governmental agency and contain a photograph (e.g., United States driver’s license, State ID, passport, green card, etc.)

Alternatively, students without a government issued photo ID who wish to obtain a Moraine Park ID may provide one of the following:

· Utility bill with the student's name and address

· Employer verification or employer issued photo ID

· Bank statement

· Paycheck/stub

· A check or other document issued by a unit of government

· In the case of a high school student, a current high school-issued student ID with photo

· In the case of High School Alternative Program (HSAP) students, instructors/HSAP employees may escort student to the campus Main Office and show a copy of the HSAP contract with the student's name and address

Moraine Park student IDs expire two years from time of issuance. Students may obtain another ID after expiration at no cost. All enrollment verification and identity will be reestablished after two years. Lost IDs can be replaced at a charge.