International Student Admissions Policy

Moraine Park Technical College will admit International Students interested in entering a one-year or two-year technical or associate degree programs providing they meet all International Admissions requirements (as outlined in the International Student Admissions Procedure).


  1. International Students are not eligible to apply for programs that have a petition process for core courses.
  2. International Students cannot be admitted to certificate programs or technical diploma programs that are less than one year in length.
  3. The normal cycle to process these documents and records is four to six months, which makes early planning crucial. Application Deadlines for International Students are as follows: May 1 for Fall; September 1 for Spring.
  4. International Students typically may not start a program in the Spring semester, unless their program choice allows for summer enrollment.
  5. International Students must be enrolled full time.
  6. International Students with an F1 visa are allowed to take online classes; however, only three credits of online course work count toward the full-time (12 credits) requirement in a given semester.
  7. Students are not eligible for financial assistance or work-study opportunities while pursuing their education at Moraine Park.