Student Academic Standards Policy

This policy applies to all undergraduate students pursuing coursework, credential completion programs, Adult Education courses, and Economic and Workforce Development trainings and courses at Moraine Park Technical College as well as Academic and Student Services managers who establish and are responsible for the related procedures.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure quality and consistency with the College’s academic standards to align with the HLC Assumed Practices CRRT.B.10.020 Section C.1.; monitoring and evaluation of students’ satisfactory academic progress 34 CFR § 668.34, and Wisconsin Administrative Code standards (Chapter 38.001), WTCS District Board Policies 38.11(7) and WTCS Educational Services Manual.

Decisions made regarding this policy may not violate a student’s civil rights or equal access to education.

Moraine Park Technical College is committed to assisting its students for success to meet their academic goals. As an institution of higher learning Moraine Park Technical College will establish minimum standards for student academic performance. These standards will include procedures for registration, grading, graduation, and completion. Student compliance with these standards will be monitored by the Registrar and the Financial Aid Office (satisfactory academic progress for Title IV Federal Aid) to ensure compliance with external stakeholders and regulators.