Administrative Student Withdrawal

Administrative withdrawal may be utilized in special circumstances when the student is unable to drop themselves or if the College needs to process the drop.

Students that are administratively withdrawn from courses will have withdrawal codes of A1 on their record. An A1 code does not appear on the student’s transcript or affect their Grade Point Average (GPA). The A1 code is entered by Enrollment Services.

Student-initiated administrative withdrawals include:

  • Student request to withdraw from class(es) and/or appeal for late withdrawal/tuition refund (see Withdrawal from Classes and Appeal procedure)
  • Student request to withdraw from the college and program of study (see Student Record Inactivation PR 701.06).

Involuntary administrative withdrawals include:

  • Failure to pay required fees (see Drop for Non-Payment procedure)
  • No-show attendance (see No-Show Procedure PR 704.01)
  • Failure to meet academic standards (see Academic Suspension and Probation Procedure PR 716.05)
  • Violation of Student Code of Conduct (see Student Code of Conduct AP 724)
  • Safety Concerns (see Student Code of Conduct AP 724)