Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning is the granting of credit in an associate of applied science degree or technical diploma program for knowledge or skills directly related to the program curriculum. Credit may be granted based on proficiency gained through work experience, military experience or training, business/industry training, coursework completed at other institutions or other prior learning experiences.  Credit for Prior Learning is awarded based on the following prior learning assessment (PLA) methods:

  • Prior Learning Assessment by Exam
    • Challenge examinations allow students to demonstrate knowledge and skills related to a particular course.
    • Upon successful completion of the challenge exams and payment of required fees (see fee schedule), students are awarded credit designated with a grade of “E” (examination).
    • Students may also be awarded credit for courses by achieving an acceptable score on an exam with nationally recognized standards such as Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and DANTES-DSST. Official test scores must be submitted for credit to be awarded.
  • Credit for Experience
    • Students can be awarded credit for skills and knowledge gained from previous life experience from prior work, military, volunteer, training, or other life events.
    • Students requesting credit for experience demonstrate their skills and knowledge through submission of a portfolio or by completing a skill demonstration.
    • Upon successful review and approval of a portfolio or skill demonstration and payment of required fees (see fee schedule), students are awarded credit designated with a grade of “O” (Credit for Experience).
  • Transfer Credit
    • Students are awarded credit for coursework completed at accredited postsecondary institutions.
    • Students are required to submit official transcripts for review.
    • Students may be asked to obtain a course description and/or a course syllabus as needed to evaluate transfer credit.
    • Transfer credit awarded is given a grade of “T” (transfer) along with the grade earned at the original institution. For example, if a student earns a “B” in a transfer course, a grade of “TB” will show on the Moraine Park transcript.
  • Military Credit
    • Students  are awarded credit for military training/experiences relevant to the student’s program of study.
    • Students are required to submit official Joint Services Transcript (JST) or Community College of the Air Force transcript detailing the student’s military training and experiences is required to process and apply transfer credit to the student’s MPTC record. The American Council on Education (A.C.E.) credit recommendations are used as a basis for determining college credit awarded.
    • Grades for military credit appear on the MPTC Student Record using a “P” (for pass) designation.
    • Credit for military training/experience is awarded at no charge to the student.
  • Workplace Certifications (Advance Standing Credit)
    • Students holding industry recognized certifications can be awarded college credit for that certification through the advanced standing process.
    • Students must submit proof of workplace certification through the Advance Standing Credit Request Form located on MPTC’s Credit for Prior Learning webpage.
    • Workplace certification must be equivalent to courses within the student’s current program of study.
    • Grades for Advance Standing Credit appear on the MPTC Student Record using an “M” (for met) designation.
    • Advance Standing Credit is awarded at no charge to the student.

Credits earned through credit for prior learning processes are subject to Moraine Park Technical College’s residency rule which requires students pursuing a degree, diploma or certificate to complete at least 25% of the graduation requirements through actual courses taken at MPTC.