Summer Aid

Summer Aid

Summer enrollment is considered a trailer or ending point to the aid year at Moraine Park. This means that the 2024-2025 FAFSA submitted for the fall 2024 and/or spring 2025 semester also determines your eligibility for the summer 2025 term.

Full-time is 12 or more credits; three-quarter-time is 9 to 11 credits; half- time is 6 to 8 credits; and less-than- half-time is 1 to 5 credits.

Unless the program requires that you attend classes in the summer, you will not have offered funds for a summer term on your financial aid offer.

If you plan to enroll for summer 2025 courses, complete the 2024-25 FAFSA and complete any required forms. Admission to your financial aid eligible program must before the summer 2025 term or prior.

Year Round Pell

When you have enrolled in summer courses, your eligibility for a summer Pell Grant will be evaluated and you will be notified via email.

Yearly Maximum Loan Amount

The yearly maximum loan amount for the Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan is intended to cover fall, spring and summer terms. If the maximum (determined by grade level) has been received over fall and spring semesters, you will not be eligible to borrow additional funds for the summer. The following fall semester in the next financial aid year would be the next term that loan funds would be available. You are encouraged to request less for the academic year or save funds if you plan to enroll for summer term.