IT - Security (151)

151-105 -  Ethical Hacking  

This course is an introduction to ethical hacking and penetration testing. Students will test for vulnerabilities, then exploit and mitigate those vulnerabilities. Emphasis in this course will be placed on incident handling and the communication within the security framework. (Prerequisite: 150-194 Network Defense and Countermeasures)

3 Credit hours  
36 Lecture hours  
36 Lab hours  
151-110 -  IT Cybersecurity Capstone  

The IT Security Capstone course is a summation of the previous cybersecurity/IT course work. This course is comprised of a contemporary topics section and a student-interest project section. The topics section will tackle current cybersecurity issues through case studies, readings, and research. The student-interest project section will be a project determined by the student to focus on a security area of interest. (Prerequisite: 151-105 Ethical Hacking)

3 Credit hours  
18 Lecture hours  
72 Lab hours