Admissions Policy

Moraine Park Technical College maintains an open enrollment policy for all prospective students. Some programs within the school have competency recommendations and course prerequisites. Moraine Park Technical College accepts applications for admission on a rolling basis, however, there may be published deadlines for particular terms or programs. High school students may apply for admission after July 1 following their junior year. The College allows exceptions to this policy for:

  1. Select programs with extensive waitlists.
  2. Official high school academy programs. 

Details regarding these exceptions, including dates and process, will be published on the College’s Admission webpage.

Moraine Park Technical College commits to ethical and impartial treatment of all applicants for admission. In general, admissions is a “non-competitive” process. All students who satisfactorily complete admission requirements are accepted to a College program of study. Some programs have a petition process for clinical or core coursework that is managed post-admissions. No weight is given in the admissions process to age, gender, race, ethnicity or first language origin. No College employee will offer or accept any reward or remuneration from a secondary school, college, university, agency, organization, or individual for recruitment or admission of students.

Moraine Park Technical College requires that all information provided by any applicant be accurate and complete. The signature (or electronic signature) section of the application attests to the accuracy and completeness of all questions on the application. Intentional failure to provide correct information may be grounds for revocation of admission.

Age Limits

The minimum age for course enrollment is 16 years of age. For program applications under 18 years of age who have not yet graduated from high school or who have dropped out of high school and are desiring to take daytime classes which meet during regular school hours, written permission must be obtained from the student’s parents or guardians and the applicant’s school principal or the principal’s representative. Homeschool students are excluded from this restriction. Those 16 years of age or over who have not yet graduated from high school may attend evening classes (Students in high school contracted classes are excluded from this policy.)