Special and Unusual Circumstances

Special Circumstances

If you or your family have faced unusual income issues that are not reflected on the information provided on your FAFSA, you may request a special circumstances review of your financial aid application. Moraine Park will look to see if different or additional information can be provided by you to change your financial aid offer. Special circumstances may include paid medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance, a reduction or loss in income or benefits, or paid tuition expenses for children attending a private elementary or secondary school and excessive travel miles. Special Circumstance Review forms are available by emailing the financial aid office.

Unusual Circumstances

The Department of Education determines a student's status as dependent or independent by the answers the student provides on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students are classified as dependent or independent because federal student aid programs are based on the principle that students (and their
parent or spouse, if applicable) are considered the primary source of support for postsecondary education.

Students who have unusual circumstances can request an override by submitting the Unusual Circumstances/Dependency Override Request form. Dependency overrides are intended for students who can prove and fully document exceptional circumstances. We cannot approve requests for students whose sole reason for the request is because their parents are unwilling to provide parental information or for students who have chosen to live on their own.