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Program Number: 10-526-1
Associate of Applied Science Degree
Campus: Fond du Lac
This program is eligible for financial aid
Full-Time Enrollment Only

Join the growing field of x-ray as a radiologic technologist with an accredited associate degree from Moraine Park Technical College.

About the Program

The Radiography associate degree at Moraine Park prepares students for a career in diagnostic radiology (x-ray) as a radiologic technologist. A radiologic technologist produces images of the human body to aid physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases.

Graduates of the Radiography program are eligible to take the entry-level certification examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

The program has earned a 5 year accreditation award by the:

Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT)
20 N. Wacker Dr., Suite 2850
Chicago, Illinois 60606-3182
(312) 704-5300

What You’ll Learn

Moraine Park Radiography students learn how to use x-ray imaging equipment to demonstrate body parts on x-ray images for diagnostic purposes, including: diagnostic radiology, fluoroscopy, trauma procedures, portable imaging, surgical procedures, pediatric radiography and special procedures.

Students also learn how to produce and evaluate radiographic images, use computer skills in the radiographic clinical settings, practice radiation safety principles, and model professional and ethical behavior in line with the ARRT Code of Ethics.

Transfer Opportunities

Earn credits at MPTC and transfer to a four-year college to earn your bachelor’s degree.

Visit the Transfer Opportunities page for more information on credit transfer agreements between Moraine Park and four-year colleges, both public and private.

Additional Information

State Licensure Disclosure: Moraine Park’s Radiography program prepares students to obtain the educational requirements for licensure to be employed/practice in the state of Wisconsin. No determination has been made if the curriculum matches the educational requirements for preparation, examinations, or licensure for other states. Visit the Accreditation page for more details about accreditation. 

Licensing Organizations: The American Registry of Radiologic TechnologistsState of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services

Clinicals and an Accrediting Outcomes Checklist are the exit assessment graduation requirement for the program.

Radiography Mission

To provide the medical community with entry-level radiologic technologists competent to perform diagnostic medical radiography, along with the ability to successfully complete the certification examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Consistent with the institutional mission, the program is committed to the development of the student's educational and professional growth. These students shall utilize continuing education as a means of maintaining those skills. The program integrates both general and technical education to ensure that graduates can meet the multiple demands of rapidly changing technology in the medical field.

Program Effectiveness Data

In addition to the goals and student learning outcomes listed elsewhere on this site, the performance of the program is reflected through program effectiveness data as defined by:

Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT)
20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 2850
Chicago, IL 60606-3182
(312) 704-5300

Program effectiveness data includes the program completion rate, credentialing examination pass rate and job placement rate. Explanations of these measures and program data that correspond with the annual report most recently submitted to the JRCERT are noted below. This information can also be obtained at Questions about the program effectiveness data should be directed to the Program Manager.

The Radiography program's 2020 annual report to the JRCERT reflected the following:

Completion Rate - Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2020

This is an annual measurement of the number of students that began the program divided by the number of students that actually completed the program. The program's completion rate for 2020 was 100%. Accepted 12 students and 12 completed the program in 2020.

Credentialing Examination Pass Rate - 2016 through 2020

This is the number of students that pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification examination on the first attempt within six months of graduation from the program. The figure reflects an average over a five-year span. The program's credentialing examination pass rate stated as an average from the years 2016 through 2020 is 90%. Fifty-four of the sixty graduates of this program taking the ARRT certification examination within six months of graduation passed on the first attempt.

Job Placement Rate - 2016 through 2020

This is the number of students that gain employment in the radiologic sciences within twelve months of graduation versus the number that graduate and are actively seeking employment. The figure reflects an average over a five-year span. The program's job placement rate as an average from the years 2016 through 2020 is 100%. Fifty-seven of the fifty-seven that passed the ARRT Boards obtained employment in the radiologic sciences within twelve months of graduation. The number of graduates vary from the credentialing exam pass rate to the job placement rate. Graduates who are not actively seeking employment are not included in this calculation. The JRCERT has defined not actively seeking employment as:

  1. Graduate fails to communicate with program officials regarding employment status after multiple attempts,
  2. Graduate is unwilling to seek employment that requires relocation,
  3. Graduate is unwilling to accept employment due to salary or hours,
  4. Graduate is on active military duty, and/or
  5. Graduate is continuing education.