Medical Office Management (160)

160-154 -  Medical Office Administration  

Simulates communication with patients and employees, applying customer service skills, and the use of computers in a medical/clinical setting. Hands-on experience in scheduling appointments, work in electronic medical records, establishing a fee schedule, and practice management. Utilizes Microsoft Word, SimChart EHR software, telephone systems, internet, fax and e-mail. (Prerequisites: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in 509-101 Medical Assistant Administrative Procedures; 509-107 Medical Office Insurance and Finance)

2 Credit hours  
18 Lecture hours  
36 Lab hours  
160-160 -  Medical Office Practicum  

Provides students with on-the-job medical office experience in a medical facility. Application of ethical standards in confidentiality is required. Expands student's knowledge of the requirements (both employment skills and adaptive skills) necessary for employment in the medical profession through creation of a career portfolio. Students must be eligible for graduation the semester they enroll in the practicum. (Prerequisites: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in 160-154 Medical Office Administration; 801-136 English Composition 1. Healthcare Provider CPR; health requirements and Criminal Background Check must be completed prior to Medical Office Practicum)

2 Credit hours  
18 Lecture hours  
216 Other hours  
160-162 -  Medical Practice Management  

Develops planning strategies to create a practice management toolbox that can be used to build, operate, and plan the future of the medical office. The medical office practice management toolbox will consist of recruitment and retention plans for providers and staff, with a focus on human resource functions, organizational development practices, compliance issues, and credentialing requirements. The toolbox will also consist of patient recruitment and retention strategies that will be developed to promote a medical office practice through marketing initiatives. Practice analysis related to quality standards and productivity will be incorporated to develop budgeting and facility planning. Students will evaluate practice management tools developed throughout the course and will work collaboratively to create a business plan for the medical practice. (Prerequisite: 509-310 Medical Assistant Practicum)

3 Credit hours  
54 Lecture hours  
160-166 -  Medical Office Management Capstone  

Prepares students to pursue employment in medical office management through examination of personal employment and adaptive skills to develop employment presentation materials. Evaluates the impact of educational experiences, individual perspectives and core abilities. Students will reflect on and evaluate their personal and professional growth, the benefits of lifelong learning, and the impact of these elements on their future. Students must be eligible for graduation the semester they enroll in the capstone course. (Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in 160-162 Medical Practice Management)

1 Credit hours  
18 Lecture hours