Industrial Electrician Apprenticeship

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Program Number: 50-413-1
Campus: Fond du Lac
This program is not eligible for financial aid

Start your career and your college degree at the same time! Gain on the job electrical training with the Industrial Electrician Apprenticeship program at Moraine Park.

About the Program

Industrial electricians work to install, test, troubleshoot, maintain and repair electrical equipment in industrial settings. They ensure electrical systems run safely and efficiently, as the systems they work on power large, complex facilities.

What You’ll Learn

Industrial electrician apprentices learn from hands-on classroom instruction that complements on-the-job apprenticeship training critical for success in the industrial trades.

Work Description

As an industrial electrician apprentice, you’ll perform work on motors, motor control cabinets, power distribution and lighting within an industrial environment. You’ll need to solve complex problems, apply math to daily tasks and perform maintenance on electrical equipment. Working environments and industries vary and may require additional knowledge of local or state codes and regulations.

Industrial electricians perform electrical tasks such as troubleshooting with the use of a multimeter, oscilloscope and other testing equipment. They install conduit, electrical circuits, electrical controls such as timers, relays, and variable speed drives. Utilizing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) is another technical skill that assists in troubleshooting and improving manufacturing equipment.

For safety, industrial electricians must understand the risks and hazards when working on industrial equipment. A practical understanding of OSHA is required in addition to referencing and understanding the National Electrical Code designed to protect persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity.

Additional Information

Contact Terri Kollmann at (920) 924-3217 or to discuss transfer opportunities.

Journeyworkers can earn a degree customized to their interests with the Technical Studies - Journeyworker Associate of Applied Science degree at Moraine Park Technical College.

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