Metal Fabrication (457)

457-345 -  Metal Fabrication  

Focuses on development of layout and fabrication skills through a sequence of exercises and a final project. Students use equipment including a CNC shear, CNC press brake and CNC cutting table. (Prerequisites: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in 103-159 Computer Literacy - Microsoft Office; 442-331 Welding Print Reading; 442-357 Gas Metal Arc Welding 1 (GMAW 1); 804-360 Occupational Mathematics 1)

4 Credit hours  
36 Lecture hours  
108 Lab hours  
457-347 -  Metallurgy  

Provides instruction and information on the basic principles of metals. Explores the behavior of metals and the processes which affect them. Explores the most common metals used in industrial processes.

1 Credit hours  
18 Lecture hours  
18 Lab hours