No Show

The No Show policy applies to undergraduate-level courses. The No Show policy does not apply to course levels such as Basic Education, Continuing Education, and Non-Credit.

Students are responsible for officially dropping from classes they do not intend to begin. Any student not participating in the first day of an undergraduate level class will be administratively withdrawn from the class. A student who is reported as a no show (see definitions by modality located in the No Show Procedure) will be administratively withdrawn from the course receiving a grade of WN (withdrawal non-attendance). At least one attempt will be made to contact the student before withdrawing them from the class. Students who are reported as “no shows” will be processed as first day withdrawals according to WTCS guidelines. The College will adhere to all financial aid and Direct Loan guidelines as outlined in the Federal Student Aid Handbook and 34 CFR § 668.21. The College will also follow any applicable guidelines from the Department of Veterans Affairs (38 CFR 21.4203) and Wisconsin TCS 10.08.

The Department of Education requires accurate and timely reporting of students who have either never attended (no show) or the last date of attendance for those students who stop attending courses. This is a reporting requirement outlined in the regulations for awarding and disbursing federal financial aid and veteran’s benefits. The following process provides for accurate and timely reporting of the required information.

Many classes have waitlists. The No Show Policy will allow students who are not intending to complete the course to be withdrawn. This process may provide that unused seats may be offered to the next student on the waitlist (pending approval by the appropriate Academic Dean).