Tuition Refund Appeal

Tuition Refund Appeals 

This procedure outlines method for exception appeal to the Wisconsin Technical College System refund policy (Wisconsin Technical College 10.08, Wisconsin Administrative Code) and MPTC Tuition Refund Procedure. On rare occasions an exception for a legitimate extenuating circumstance may be made at the discretion of the Appeals Committee. Extenuating circumstances are those situations outside of a student’s control preventing attendance or completion that occurred during a given term. (see examples of extenuating circumstances below). 

Tuition Refund Appeal Procedure 

1) Students are highly encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office to review the impact of the decision to drop or withdraw and related financial aid, scholarships, or veteran benefits. Tuition paid by grants or scholarships are not eligible for appeal. Non-refundable course fees are not eligible for appeal. 

2) Students must drop/withdraw from course(s) prior to submission of tuition refund appeal. 

3) Appeals must be made by the student. Appeals made “on behalf of” a student will not be reviewed (unless the student is unable to submit an appeal due to incapacitation). 

4) Tuition refund appeal will not be accepted after sixty (60) calendar days from the start date of the course(s). 

5) Appeals will not be accepted without all of the following being submitted: 

a) Completed Tuition Refund Appeal request form. 

b) Personal statement including dates and timelines, addressing not only that a circumstance occurred that was out of the student’s control, but why that circumstance required the student to withdraw from course(s) and prevented them from doing so by the published add/drop dates. 

c) Supporting documentation relevant to extenuating circumstances listed in the statement and specifically stating the student was physically unable to attend courses. 

i) Student’s, child’s, family member’s medical, court or police documentation are not considered part of the student’s education record. All medical, court, or police documentation will be verified by the appeals committee and destroyed upon decision. These records will not be maintained in the student’s education record. 

ii) All documentation is subject to verification. Amendments and corrections to original supporting documents, or falsifying information on this Appeal will result in immediate denial and may be grounds for sanctions as outlined under the Moraine Park Technical College Student Code of Conduct. 

d) All appeals must be signed by the student and dated. 

i) A signed application shall act as a student's release of information and consent to review academic, financial aid, registration, medical documentation and other records that are related to the appeal. 

6) Circumstances that will not be a sufficient basis for appeal include, but will not be limited to, the following: 

a) Dissatisfaction with a course's content, scheduled meeting time, location, mode of instruction, instructor or grade. 

b) Arrest or incarceration 

c) Academic or disciplinary dismissal 

d) Known medical condition, injury or illness that has not changed materially since the time of enrollment in the course 

e) Financial hardship or lack of financial aid 

f) Volunteering for military duty 

g) Discontinued attendance or failure to attend a course(s) at all. Students are responsible for officially dropping or withdrawing from courses. 

Tuition Refund Appeal Committee: 

1) The Appeals Committee is comprised of a representative from the Registrar’s, Student Financial Services, Advising, and Financial Aid Offices. 

2) Appeals are reviewed on a continuing basis. Depending on the complexity of the appeal and receipt of all supporting documentation, the processing time may vary from two to four weeks. 

3) Approvals are based on, but not limited to; 

a. The above Tuition Refund Appeal criteria 1-5 that represent a sound basis for refund. 

b. In all cases, the situation must show extenuating circumstance out of the student’s control and have interrupted the student’s ability to: 

i.  Attend course(s) for a substantial length of time 

ii. Complete the semester 

iii. Adhere to the standard withdrawal or refund procedures 

c. A majority of the committee decides in favor of the request. 

4) Approved appeals will be updated in the student information system. 

5) The student will be notified of the decision (to include reason of denial if applicable) by Student Financial Services via MPTC Student email. 

6) The Appeals Committee’s decision is final. 

Extenuating Circumstances 

Extenuating circumstances and required documentation include but are not limited to those listed below. All official documentation submitted must be current, on professional letterhead, pertain to the time period in question, and must state that the student was unable to complete the course/term due to the extenuating circumstance. 

Medical: (An extended illness or major medical emergency occurring during the semester in which the student is registered which requires hospitalization, is life-threatening, or is contagious and is a danger to the remainder of the college community.) Dated letter on letterhead signed by the attending physician containing the 1) nature of illness/injury; 2) date of onset or dates of extended incapacitation/hospitalization; 3) severity of illness; 4) detail of inability to attend school due to the condition; 5) the date the physician recommended the student stop attending classes. This must be an unscheduled medical emergency diagnosed after the last day to drop for tuition refund. Pre-existing conditions are not justifiable. Medical bills and Return to Work Notices are not considered acceptable documentation. 

Immediate family emergency(An extended illness or major medical emergency of parent, child, spouse, sibling or grandparent) Dated letter on letterhead signed by the attending physician containing the 1) dates of occurrence; 2) nature and severity of relative’s illness/injury; 3) a statement that the student served as a caregiver during the illness which prevented attending course(s). 

Employment conflict: (Involuntary change in work hours by the student's employer which precludes continued attendance) Submit documentation on employer letterhead with employer signature and telephone number detailing the dates and nature of the involuntary change in employment which prevented the student from attending courses. 

Military Activation: (Called to active military duty) Submit a copy of official military orders. 

Bereavement: (Death of immediate family; parent, child, spouse, sibling or grandparent) Submit a copy of obituary or death certificate with statement indicating the student’s relationship with the deceased. Appeals should include specifics (depression, handling of the estate, assuming family responsibilities). 

Other unusual circumstances beyond your control: (such as a fire or natural disaster occurred at your home, or a legal matter). Submit police, fire or insurance reports, Court documents, letter from social service agency indicating that the student’s course work could not be completed, Insurance documents verifying dates of emergencies, letter from an attorney verifying circumstances and inability to complete the semester, or other documentation as requested. 

Other Requested Documentation: If additional information is required by the Tuition Refund Appeals Committee, the documentation must be received within two weeks of notification or the appeal will be void.