Tool and Die Technologies Apprenticeship

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Program Number: 50-439-4
Campus: West Bend
This program is not eligible for financial aid

Earn money working in the field and gain hands-on training paid for by your employer in the Tool and Die Technologies apprenticeship program at Moraine Park Technical College.

About the Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships allow you to earn money while learning a trade, primarily on the job (and one day a week in the classroom) by working in the tool and die industry. Through Moraine Park’s Tool and Die Technologies apprenticeship, students work in the machine tool trade, gaining insight into the high degree of precision needed in the creation of various parts, fixtures and products utilized in the industry. Once primarily a metalworking trade, tool and die machining is now included in the plastics and wood industries. Almost all products used today have been influenced by the tool and die industry. From design specification and drawings, skilled workers in the tool and die/machine trades utilize power machining tools, hand tools and computer-driven machines to create desired products.

What You'll Learn

Participants in the tool and die maker apprenticeship practice safety regulations, learn how to interpret prints and specifications, perform trade math calculations, determine the effects of material type on machining, explain applications of the machine tool industry, operate a CAM system and operate a CAD system.

The apprentice training periods include classes held one day a week for two years. Students are also required to complete a First Aid/CPR and Transition to Trainer class.

Additional Information

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