Alcohol and Drug Free Learning and Working Environment Policy

This policy applies to all Moraine Park Technical College employees and students and it outlines the College’s commitment to maintaining an alcohol and drug free working and learning environment.

Moraine Park Technical College (“MPTC” or “College”) is committed to the success and safety of our students and employees. The illegal use or misuse of alcohol and drugs have no legitimate place on our campuses and is prohibited by all students, employees, and visitors.

MPTC abides by the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, which requires institutions of higher education to adopt and implement programs to “prevent the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by all students and employees on school premises or as part of any of its activities (34 CFR Part 86)”.

Moraine Park Technical College recognizes that the abuse of alcohol and/or drugs interferes with an employee’s and student’s ability to learn and work, and increases risk of accidents and serious health problems. This policy is intended to outline the College’s prohibition regarding the possession, use, distribution, sale, manufacture or purchase of alcohol or controlled sub-stances on College property or as any part of the College activities (on or off campus). All students, employees and guests are prohibited from being under the influence of alcohol or con-trolled substances while on College property, while conducting College business or while receiving instruction.

In addition, the College has identified procedures, programs and sanctions to address when an employee and or student is in violation of this policy.

The College and the Wisconsin Technical College System Board policy forbid the expenditure of tax dollars and/or student activity fees for alcoholic beverages. The advertising of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on College property and in College publications.

The College allows the dispensing of wine and beer for instructional purposes or at District special events approved by the President or their designee the Vice President – Finance and Administration. Exceptions may be made only by the President or Vice President- Finance and Administration for legal consumption by student attendees.