Student Reasonable Suspicion

This procedure addresses how the College will manage a circumstance in which there is reasonable suspicion that an enrolled student of any type is engaged in the use of alcohol/illicit substances on College premises including a campus or instructional location while attending a class or while such conduct is otherwise prohibited. Students enrolled in a dual credit class at a high school would be subject to the policy and procedures of that high school and the College.  


  1. Illicit Substances/drugs - any substance defined as not allowable at an MPTC location as detailed in the Drug Free Schools and Community policy. Not included in this definition: prescribed medication(s) from a medical professional for the student’s specific use. If the medication may impair a student's faculties, it should be reviewed by a Disability Accommodations Specialist (if related to a disability) or with the Director for Student Development who will work with the instructor/student to ensure safe use 

  2. High Safety Program – a program that includes courses where there is a substantial risk of injury or harm to others from misuse of equipment or processes should a student be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance(s). Students enrolled in a high safety program can be referred for immediate drug testing by the College when a dangerous circumstance has arisen. 

  3. Reasonable suspicion - means that MPTC has objective, articulable, and reasonable grounds to believe that a student has recently used, admitted to, or is under the influence of prohibited alcohol and/or illicit drugs based on the circumstances that may include the following: personal observation, a report from a student, community member or staff member, a student’s behavior, student admission of alcohol/drug use, or other reliable sources of information.  

  4. Drug Screening- an objective assessment performed by the Director of Student Development, Campus Dean or Security Staff member who have received annual training in this assessment methodology. 

  5. Drug Test – College required drug testing by a designated provider, paid for by the College.