Graduate Training

In accordance with Wisconsin Statute 38.24, Moraine Park Technical College guarantees up to six credits of additional coursework to Wisconsin resident graduates of Moraine Park associate of applied science degree or vocational diploma programs that do not become employed in their program or related area within six months after graduation or whose employer verifies that the graduate does not have entry-level job skills.

The graduate must apply for the exemption within six months of graduation and either of the following applies:

1) Within 90 days after his or her initial employment, the graduate's employer certifies to the college Registrar that the graduate lacks entry-level job skills and specifies in writing the specific areas in which the graduate's skills are deficient.

2) The graduate certifies in writing that all of the following apply:

a) The graduate has not secured employment in the occupational field in which he or she received the degree or diploma.

b) The graduate has actively pursued employment in that occupational field.

c) The graduate has not refused employment in that occupational field or in a related field.

d) The graduate has actively sought the assistance of the College’s Employment Services office.

The graduate is responsible for all expenses other than program and material fees (such as textbooks, supplies, and other fees). The course(s) selected must be for credit and within the same occupational program that the Moraine Park graduate’s degree or diploma was received. Retraining is limited to six credits, must be courses offered by Moraine Park Technical College, and must be currently scheduled and available for registration by the general public. Once a graduate accepts a position in their program of study or related area, they are no longer eligible for this guarantee.