Satisfactory Progress Standards for Financial Aid Recipients

Satisfactory Progress Standards for Financial Aid Recipients

Section 484 of the Higher Education Act, as amended, requires that in order to receive any federal student aid, a student must maintain satisfactory academic progress.

All students are required to make academic progress toward the degree they are enrolled in. To measure this progress they use grades (qualitative) and amount of completed coursework (quantitative) within a certain timeframe. All coursework needs to be started and completed within the aid period (fall, spring or summer). Courses considered as started or attempted are those classes a student is enrolled in (including courses students are considered to have withdrawn from). Completed is considered those courses recorded on your transcript at the end of the semester. To measure your rate of progress we compare attempted vs completed. Students must complete 67% of their courses taken with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students are given time and a half to complete their degree (if the program is 60 credits, you are allowed to take 90 credits to complete the degree). If you feel you need to drop courses or are struggling in classes, click here for additional information. You can also email the financial aid office to discuss your circumstances.

Course Repeats

Please see the Student Handbook regarding institutional and programmatic rules for repeated courses. Incomplete courses (I grades) cannot be counted in enrollment status if repeated. A student may repeat a previously passed course once while utilizing financial aid at Moraine Park in an attempt to earn a better grade.

Credit for Prior Learning/ Transfer Credits

Students receiving or planning to receive financial aid and/or veterans benefits are required to have any prior education or training reviewed for transfer credits. These credits must be reviewed regardless if the fees for these courses were paid by the student or were funded by Financial Aid, Veterans or any other funding agency. The responsibility for evidence of credits received from other institutions rests upon the student. Consortium transfer credits will be evaluated as Moraine Park credits completed (grade report must be provided) but do not affect GPA.