Student Self Report

Health and Human Services program accepted students are required to report any new criminal charges that impact their criminal background check (CBC) within seven business days. They are informed of this requirement at the point of application as well as at points throughout the program.

When a student reports a new charge to a designated official they will be directed to complete a new electronic Background Information Disclosure (BID) Form.

This form is processed and applicable information is added to their Student Record for internal use. The appropriate Program Associate Dean will then review the updated form and will indicate which letter template should be emailed to the student notifying them of required next steps.

Once the charge is closed, the student is responsible for submitting their court documents with disposition listed to the Criminal Background Check email address. These court documents are shared with the Program Associate Dean for review and potential action. If the charge and disposition lead to the student being ineligible for their current program, the student is communicated with and removed from their program by the Program Associate Dean.

If a student fails to report a new charge within the seven-day reporting period, the student may be immediately removed from their program for nondisclosure or a letter may be sent to student with required next steps.