Current Student Background Check

Health and Human Services program core students must have a valid criminal background check on file with Moraine Park Technical College. These records must be available to be shared with any external agency such as a clinical site, practicum, internship, or professional practice where the student will be placed as part of their educational program. Students are informed and acknowledge that their Criminal Background Check (CBC) and electronic Background Information Disclosure (BID) record may be shared with these agencies at the point of application to the program.

Criminal Background Checks expire after four years, although some clinical/placement sites may require more frequent documentation. Each semester, Criminal Background Check employees work with program administration employees to review all actively enrolled student records in each applicable program. Students with incidents on their CBC may need to be reviewed by the external agency for placement approval.

Students whose CBC will expire before the end of the next semester are contacted by Moraine Park student email with directions to complete the process. Students who require a more recent CBC for their external placement will also be contacted by Moraine Park student email. The students are directed to complete the CBC process within one week. If the student fails to comply with the process by the deadline, they are sent to the Associate Dean for the program for follow up. If the student does not comply after this outreach, they are referred to their Academic Advisor and may be removed from the program or applicable course.

Should a student complete the CBC and a new finding result, the electronic BID form and the CBC results are shared with the Associate Dean of the program for follow up and determination of next steps. If the CBC results lead to the student being ineligible for their current program, the student is communicated with and removed from their program by the Program Associate Dean.