General Education

Program Seeking Student

Students pursuing an associate degree at MPTC need to complete a total of 18-30 general education credits in addition to a 2-credit College 101 course and a 1-credit Computer Literacy course. Learn more.

Non-degree Seeking Student

Students planning to transfer credits to another college should contact the receiving college to ask if specific MPTC courses will transfer. Non-degree students taking general education courses are not financial aid eligible. Learn more.

What is General Education and Why is it Important?

Through communication, math, science, and social science courses, students have an opportunity to deepen interests and self-discovery. General education courses provide fundamental knowledge and skills used not only academically, but personally and professionally.

In today’s complex, diverse, and interconnected world, general education courses richen a student’s awareness of the community around them. Students learn to respond effectively utilizing critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. These skills enhance skill-sets employers seek and create a platform to make informed decisions essential for individual success.