Accessibility Policy

Our responsibility is to ensure that those with physical, medical, learning or psychological disabilities are provided with equal access to all college information, programs, activities and services, including all technologies and web pages.

The College will ensure that all students, employees, guests, visitors and business partners regardless of disabilities or special needs, have access to the same education, facilities, employment, and experience that are available to people without disabilities by removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and providing reasonable accommodations when appropriate for equal access.

MPTC is committed to providing equal access to:

1) Information technology

2) Facilities and campus grounds

3) Documents

4) Services

5) Instruction

6) College-sponsored activities and events

Equal access will be accomplished through the maintenance of accessibility procedures created to ensure accessibility of the web, instructional materials and equipment, documents, electronic media, software, hardware, furniture, facilities, as well as a system for reporting barriers, a procurement process and a procedure for accessing accommodations.

An annual review of this policy and associated procedures will be conducted to:

1) Ensure ongoing compliance with ADA and Section 504,

2) Identify policy and procedure gaps,

3) Update written policy and procedures to reflect current practices,

4) Assess the effectiveness of existing policy and procedures,

5) Recommend and implement corrective actions, and

6) Develop new policies and procedures as necessary to remain in compliance.

Annual review findings will be reported to the College-Wide Accessibility Cross-Functional Team and the Vice President of Student Services.