Program Waitlist

Some high-demand/limited-enrollment programs at Moraine Park Technical College reach capacity based on the number of students who complete admission. A waitlist may be established for programs that have reached capacity. This procedure is specific to program waitlists only. This procedure does not apply to waitlists for a particular course or section.

A waitlist may develop for a program at any time and depends on the number of applicants. Students are added to a program waitlist at the point of acceptance. The program waitlist is created by Admission staff and maintained post-acceptance by Advising staff. Programs that currently have a waitlist are also published on the Moraine Park Technical College website.

Waitlist information includes the student name, student ID number, acceptance date, and any other applicable information. The information recorded is consistent for all programs that have a waitlist. No weight is given in the admissions or waitlist process to age, gender, race, ethnicity or first language origin.

Waitlists are monitored regularly. Students are contacted by Advising staff to confirm interest. Students are removed from the waitlist when they are offered a spot in the core program, if they are no longer interested, if they have declined a core spots (one or two times depending on program) or if they have been inactive for 18 months.