Student Criminal Background Check Policy

This policy has been established to provide guidance for employees, to ensure consistency and equity within the College’s Criminal Background Check processes for admission, (34 CFR § 106, 34 CFR § 104.42, and 34 §CFR 110), and to ensure compliance with clinical and practicum partnership agreements.

Students with criminal convictions may not be able to obtain required clinical or practicum education experience(s) thereby failing to meet the academic standards of the undergraduate program. Therefore, Moraine Park Technical College will require students in applicable impacted programs to complete and maintain a current Criminal Background Check (CBC) prior to program admission or participation in the applicable activity. CBC requirements will be disclosed to the student on applicable program marketing materials, the Moraine Park website, and when working with employees. Some programs may require the CBC be completed more than once. All expenses associated with the CBC are the responsibility of the student. Criminal background information is shared only on a need to know basis.