Student Registration Policy

Moraine Park Technical College maintains compliance with Wisconsin Administrative Code TCS 10. Registration is required for attendance in all courses offered at Moraine Park Technical College. Priority registration at Moraine Park Technical College is given to program students. Specific registration dates and times are designated for returning program students and new program students. Students are responsible for maintaining an accurate registration record with the College. All program students may continue to register after their priority date has passed. After completion of the program priority dates, registration is open to the general public. Deadlines and procedures for registration are published each semester.

Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. All course prerequisites, co-requisites or program restrictions must be met or associate dean permission obtained. Students may not register for courses in which scheduled meeting times overlap in full or in part.

All tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration or another designated date. Registration is not complete nor are students permitted to attend classes until all fees are paid, financial aid is authorized, payment plan enrollment is complete, or an authorization to pay by a third party is received. Student account holds for balances over $200 will restrict registration. Other holds on the student’s account may prevent registration.

2013 WISCONSIN ACT 56 gives priority registration to veterans and service members attending Wisconsin technical colleges. Those eligible include veterans and service members who are currently active or have an honorable or general under honorable discharge and reside in Wisconsin. In accordance with the law Moraine Park Technical College allows eligible veterans and service members (not including dependents) to register one (1) day prior to their standard designated registration date.