Drop, Refund and Withdrawal Overview

Students are considered enrolled and responsible for all tuition and fees until online drop/withdrawal is completed or forms are submitted to Student Services.

  • MPTC will not drop students from courses automatically for nonattendance.
  • Students may not withdraw from a course after 67 percent of the course’s duration is complete.
  • Dropping classes may affect your financial aid or veterans benefits. You may be required to repay funds received. It is wise to check with the financial aid office when you consider dropping classes.
  • Failure to comply with the withdrawal procedure may result in a failing grade and/or negatively affect future registration and/or financial aid eligibility. Non-notification of withdrawal does not absolve a student’s responsibility for tuition and fee payments.

Tuition Refund Procedure

Refunds are processed according to the Wisconsin Technical College System refund policy (Wisconsin Technical College 10.08, Wisconsin Administrative Code).  All references to student fees mean applicable program fees (including online course fees), material fees and out-of-state tuition, and any fees established in lieu of these fees. These refund requirements do not apply to incidental fees, activity fees, or additional program fees.  Refund amounts are based on the date of official withdrawal, the course start date and course duration.

Refunds for:

  • 100%:
    1. MPTC cancels or discontinues a class.
    2. Course drop is officially completed before the first class meeting.
    3. Course drop is officially completed before 5% of the course’s potential hours have been completed AND another class is added or “swapped” on the same day. If there is a fee difference between the dropped and added courses, students are credited or billed the difference. (This option cannot be done via self-service online. Students must go to Student Services.)
  • 80%: Course drop is officially completed before 11% of potential class hours are completed.
  • 60%: Course withdrawal is officially completed when 11% of the hours are completed but before 20% of potential class hours are completed.
  • 0%: Course withdrawal is officially completed after more than 20% of the class’s total potential hours.

Tuition Refund Appeals

  • Refund appeal requests are considered on rare occasion for legitimate extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the Appeals Committee. Extenuating circumstances are those situations outside of a student’s control. The Appeals Committee includes members from the Registrar’s Office, Student Financial Services, Advising and Financial Aid. 
  • Students must withdraw from class(es) prior to submission of late withdrawal or tuition refund appeal.
  • Consideration of an exception requires students submit the Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Appeal Form and official supporting documentation (i.e., medical notes, military activation orders) for review to Enrollment Services no later than sixty (60) calendar days after the class start date.  Requests made after this will not be accepted and students are responsible for payment.
  • The Appeals Committee decision is final.